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Helen S Kaman Rose Garden

Garden Lectures

The Conservancy offers a garden lecture series each spring at the Pond House Cafe. These lectures are always interesting and well attended.

    The Once and Future Wood by William Bryant Logan | Lecture, Lunch & Book Signing

    Join William Bryant Logan, faculty member at The New York Botanical Garden, for a presentation of the role of woodlands in our history. 

    Food & Flower: Louis Lista of the Pond House & Sandra Lamo of A Special Place Floral Studio | Lecture & Lunch

    Sandy Lamo, owner of A Special Place Floral Studio, and Louis Lista, owner of the Pond House Café, will present a demonstration of unique spring floral arrangments that can incorporate and complement various food platters, including a crudité and an assorted chocolate dessert platter.

    Nature into Art: Lessons from the Gardens of Wave Hill by Thomas Christopher | Lecture, Lunch & Book Signing

    One of the last surviving estates in the five boroughs of New York, Wave Hill has developed over the last half-century into one of the foremost public gardens in the United States. Join author Thomas Christopher for a photographic tour of the Wave Hill gardens, and share in the many lessons these have to teach about designing and maintaining a more beautiful landscape.